Concrete floors deserve better treatment than just being walked on. An Evolution floor will really make you appreciate the advantages of having a polished concrete floor as an exposed surface. Dirty, grey concrete floors are transformed into brilliant, easy-clean, environmentally-friendly and durable polished concrete floors. It simply requires some thought. A polished concrete floor is:
• Easy to clean
• Modern and elegant
• Unbeatable durability
• Environmentally friendly
• Economical
• Infinite lifespan with Twister™ maintenance
• Just as good for new installations as for floor renovations
• 60% lower life cycle cost than with traditional flooring solutions
• Lower vibration level for vehicles
• Cost-effective
• Aesthetically-appealing
• Environmentally-friendly option
• Can be colored without losing its qualities
• Slip-proof, even when the floor is wet
• Highest fire-safety class
• Easy-to-clean. No truck marks, etc.