About Us

About Company

Evolution Concrete Floors (ECF) was established in 2016, finding a need for quality polished concrete flooring in Gauteng and adjacent provinces. Since the establishment of ECF, the company has grown considerably.

ECF’s main focus is the grinding and polishing of concrete floors, to create commercial and residential floors that are decorative and cost effective to maintain.

Willem Alfred Eiman


Our History


Our Most Efficient Year

Willem Alfred Eiman – experienced in concrete since 2005 and polished concrete flooring since 2009.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us


The fact that concrete is a tough and durable material has been common knowledge for thousands of years.

Quality Material

We at Evolution Concrete Floors are taking it to the next level..

100% Guarantee

Ancient traces of the material dating back some 7000 years have been discovered and some of the most famous buildings from the Roman Empire.

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